miércoles, agosto 29, 2007

Interviewing Alba / Entrevista a Alba

1. Name and Lastname / Nombre y Apellido :

Alba Carreras Nijmegen05-06

2.Home University / Universidad procedencia :

Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

3.One word about your experience? / ¿Una palabra sobre la experiencia?


4. why have you been on eramus? / ¿Por que te fuiste de Erasmus?:

To live a New experince

5. why Netherlands, why Nijmegen? / ¿Por que Holanda, y porque Nijmegen? Thanks of a casuality!

6. The best parties of the year? /¿La mejor/mejores fiestas del año? The last corridor, the romans one, the world cup,the last one at rRettas and Claire's place!! In fact all the parties had something really good!! Even the non prepared parties!!

7. What is Lent for you?/ ¿Que es para ti Lent? A paradise, a family, something amazing!! Inexplicable!! irrepetible!!

8. The best moment of your erasmus... / ¿El mejor momento de tu Erasmus? I can't choice!! I had thousands of good moments!!! I can said the worse!! When I left lent!!

9. what do you tell to the people who is thinking to go on erasmus? / ¿Que le dirias a la gente que esta pensando en ir de erasmus?

Go ahead!!! There are thousand of reasons to go!! It's like a dream... everyday a new expercience to live!!
I'll just said that to meet all the people that I had met there hasn't price! (For all the rest, Mastercard!)


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