miércoles, marzo 25, 2009

Funny Videos / Videos Divertidos

They should play and say that the yoguth is so good, but look at the Faces of child who eat yogurth with salt ...

Ellos tenian que actuar diciendo lo bueno que estaba el yogur pero mirar las Caras de niños comiendo yogur con sal ...

martes, marzo 24, 2009

Short Film Vampires / Cortometraje Vampiros

Once I played in a Short Film if you want to see it (is in spanish) ....

Una vez actué en un corto si lo quereis ver aquí está ...

Part One / Parte Uno

Part Two / Parte Dos

viernes, marzo 20, 2009

Erasmus Nijmegen 2008-09

What are they doing?

I don't know any erasmus, just some mentors, but I am sure that they are having a great time ...

What do you thing?

jueves, marzo 19, 2009

Homo Erasmus

martes, marzo 17, 2009

domingo, marzo 15, 2009

Good Music

viernes, marzo 06, 2009

Murcia's Meeting

Is so nice see your erasmus friends, we were in Murcias two weekends ago.

Some pictures ...

Was Carnival!!

have a nice weekend

jueves, marzo 05, 2009

A good Video - Clip

soon Murcia's pictures