lunes, diciembre 25, 2006

Before Christmas : Give me Five

What do you get if you join some erasmus friends ? ...


It was in Barcelona those last days

more in next post ...

martes, diciembre 19, 2006

Merry Christmas!! / Feliz Navidad

To every One
A todo el mundo

Have FUN!! and take care
Pasarlo BIEN!! y tener cuidado

jueves, diciembre 14, 2006

La cara artística de Sebas

Sebas queria ser artista...
I lo intentó de varias maneras...
Pero no siempre se consigue lo que uno quiere... Sigue provando nene!

Con mucho amor dese Barcelona ;)

Pd: Para que quede claro, la segunda foto si es Sebas, no el Gañan!!

martes, diciembre 12, 2006


As a month before happened in Lent ... the wonderful Italian Dinner took place 10th December 2006.

18 people ate in a flat, as in a real restaurant everything was possible thanks to the chefs : Alessia, Alessandro, Davide, Giacomo & Ivan

... and after a nice Xmas Dinner ... the best thing is a PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx guys for everything

By Marina

lunes, diciembre 11, 2006

Merry Christmas with champagne

Our state last weekend during a new pub's opening party ...

These holidays... perform your celebration with good stuff :D, Merry Christmas with champagne....and mmm.... weed, and......also some mushrooms, yeah, i think that's enough :D:D

viernes, diciembre 08, 2006

jueves, diciembre 07, 2006

Farewell Parties

What will you do if You know...

that your erasmus time is finishing

that the next parties will be the last parties of your Erasmus

that still you can have a lot of FUN



the soldier ...

or like, the strange Egiptian ...

I need my sunglases ...

trying to get some One-love-Night ...

like indians, war drums ...

It was during the first Farewell party of the second semester (may 2.006) . There are more pictures, but some of them are forbidden :D

It happened the last year, and it is happening know again in Nijmegen. I remember my last party there. I couldn't go back lent by bike, so Imagine how I finished it :D:D

And now Again Farewell ' s parties, don't turn sad, Just TURN CRAZY

miércoles, diciembre 06, 2006

"gabacho cabron
saluda a la afición"
Esto es solo para vos otros...

Learning Spanish, Barcelona Trip

" tio tio caga tio..." "man man make a shit" that's what i learned from my last trip in catalunya....
thanks to my marujas teacher's ; la alba i la miri...
os quieros...

martes, diciembre 05, 2006

La alcaldesa en Berlín / The Major in Berlin

La alcaldesa con parte de su séquito se traslada a Berlín sólo por unos días/ The major and the rest of the crew are moving to Berlin for a few days.

Quiero hacer un homenaje a Terry desde aquí, y decir que la próxima a Polonia, Nacho siempre lo ha dicho, Eurolines es lo mejor.. Pub Crawl forever!/I want to make a tribute to Terry, and I need to say that the next trip, to Poland, Nacho uses to say so, Eurolines the best.. Pub Crawl forever!


viernes, diciembre 01, 2006

Happy Birthday!!


Party, PARty!!