martes, octubre 31, 2006

Memories / Recuerdos KeBaB time

After some parties ...

Después de algunas fiestas ...

i miss ALL that, i miss all of you

sábado, octubre 28, 2006


One of our meal moments....

When are we going to Granada again?? :D

viernes, octubre 27, 2006

Spicy pop-corn Polish party

Sísísí! Polish party in Lent!Fue curiosa, el propósito de las fiestas polacas es beber la mayor cantidad de vodka posible :D y así fue, entre vodka, Becherovka, Slivovice (75% alcohol), bebida afrodisíaca de África, palomitas con marihuana, cachimbilla cutre, todo esto amenizado por música polaca, los polacos terminaron bastante pasaillos:)

Yeah!Polish party in Lent! The purpose of these Polish parties is to drink vodka as much as you can :D there were vodka, Becherovka, Slivovice (75% of alcohool), afrodisiac drink from Africa, spicy pop-corn, joints, Polish music..Polish people were totally wasted at the end :)


miércoles, octubre 25, 2006

B&B Party in Lent

Bueno, bueno, el finde se acerca, y con el buen tiempo, qué mejor que una barbacoa, jeje. Esperemos q haga buen tiempo y podamos disfrutar.

Well, well, the weekend is coming, and the best we can do is a BBQ! We hope the weather is good to enjoy the BBQ.


martes, octubre 24, 2006

domingo, octubre 22, 2006

Meeting in Granada

Some Erasmus (nijmegen 05-06) went to Granada this weekend.

I don't know yet how was the meeting in Granada but I can imagine, I know well my erasmus family ...

I am really sorry for miss this meeting.
I can't wait more for watch the pictures (people people a picture :D)

miércoles, octubre 18, 2006

Nine fantastic boys on the beach of bolonia...
if u want more ask to

from the left to the right; carlito, SU, maaaaark???, el xavi, marek, eminem, gabacho cabron, ezechiel, er velez...
Anais says "eeeeee eeeee eeeee albaceteeeeee a topeeeee!!! pipas i coca light de puta madre!!!"

Erasmus addicts 2005/2006 enjoy your meeting in Granada!!!

Efteling is not so good like Port Aventura


martes, octubre 17, 2006

The last Corridor Party Movie


Having FUN!! Think in orange ...

domingo, octubre 15, 2006

Last days in Lent

Noon in July

viernes, octubre 13, 2006


Alba was in albacete this week, was great. I am so sorry for my illnes (vomiting, a virus), i couldn't go on party with jaime and she. And now she is sick, who gave to you the virus? or maybe cubalibres for 4 euros? to much party? who will be the next?

best regards to everyone

I couldn't go to Granada, sorry

jueves, octubre 12, 2006

"Albacete" first visit to Barcelona on August

Here you are some of the pictures we took when Jaime came the first time to Barcelona... It's always nice to remember it!

Aquí teneis algunas de las fotos que hicimos cuando Jaime vino la primera vez a Barcelona... Siempre es bonito recordarlo!

Missing Neverland... and missing u all...


P.S. And coming soon... Granada, and then, Strasbourg!

miércoles, octubre 11, 2006

Wanted / Se Busca

Drunk or Sober

Who is he?
A little help :: He lived in lent, crazy ...

lunes, octubre 09, 2006

Erasmus "people people" is going to Granada!!!

Apo... que no te preocupes, si los demás meetings han sido un éxito éste no será menos!!!

Apo...Don't we worried,if all the meetings got a succes, it can not be less!!!

Un besito desde Albaceteeeeeeee!!!

Sebas y Alba

domingo, octubre 08, 2006


Vaya fiesta de cumpleaños que nos marcamos el viernes... muy buena, con regalitos, velas y tarta de tiramisú (que rica Noelia!!). Nos divertimos mucho, sin duda para recordar :D
Very cool the party we made on Friday...really really cool, with presents, candles & cake of tiramisú ( it was delicious Noelia!!). We had a good time, without any kind of doubt, to remind it :D
by Marina

Stereotype party

De qué país son? /Where are they from?

Posted by Rocío

viernes, octubre 06, 2006

Back in Albacete

Albaceteeeee, eeehh

La nueva alcaldesa de Lent? / New mayor of Lent?

Para votar por ella, envia un sms con la palabra LENT + SERRATOALCALDESA al 6663/ to give your vote, send a sms with LENT + SERRATOALCALDESA to 6663

by Rocío

Barcelona Pictures (1)

Some pictures about our Barcelona meeting ...


(like a team)

Was great. What about New year? Krakow? Cadiz? ...?

Last News :: Alba is coming to albacete :D!!