miércoles, noviembre 29, 2006

Lent Rules

I miss it ... Lo hecho de menos

sábado, noviembre 25, 2006

SPANISH NIGHT (wonderful again!)

Again, the SPANISH NIGHT was wonderful, a big successful night!!!!
We had everything: spanish people, tapas, sangría, calimotxo, sevillanas, a quiz show with questions about SPAIN with Paula & Natalia, and a wonderful presenter : Carol :D & of course, a lot of partyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

By Marina

miércoles, noviembre 22, 2006

Ya queda menos...

This weekend... Apo and Elia will be here

in Albaceteee :DD

martes, noviembre 21, 2006



It was delicious our Italian dinner!!!everything was very very good!!!!

we have the best Italian cookers in Lent! and soon there will be another one so don't go to Pinnocio and enroll it!!!

Thank You Very Much Davide, Giacomo, Alessia and Ivan!!

kisses, Carol (TALAVERA DE LA REINA jijiji)

Spanish party TOMORROW!!

I'm not in Nijmegen , what a pity!!

The last one was great, I hope this one will be better ...
I can not wait for the pictures about this party

domingo, noviembre 19, 2006


sábado, noviembre 18, 2006

Just dream about...

Yesterday i dreamt about all of you while listening to this song

jueves, noviembre 16, 2006

What a Advertisment!! / Vaya Anuncio!!

It was in Berlin during a travell in july, It was at the underground station

Esto fue en Berlin durante un viaje en julio, Estaba en la estación de metro

I prefer the Blue one :D

Barcelona Meeting Point!

Some Erasmus Addicts have been in Barcelona!
Who is the next one?
The Spanish team with a French Invasion!!
Mark, I'm sorry, but after 6 months living with Miriam you have losed your nationality, now you are almost Spanish, and don't complain about that,I know, we don't have Kilts (my favourite Scottish tradition!) but we were in the World Cup!!

Bom, Alex & Jaseon! Who were really lucky, they could try our mum's food!!

In the last visit we had two casanovas, the most famous in Nijmegen. The one from Pamplona, Sergio, and the turkish one, Selim...

And Jaimito, who is not only an Erasmus Addict, is also a Barcelona Addict...

(Jaime, ya tardas en volver... que ya sé yo que necesitas aires Catalanes!)

So, if you want to come, don't think twice, just give us a call!
(A walk in the beach is included in the plan, and if u don't mind we can avoid Sagrada Familia...)
Alba :)

martes, noviembre 14, 2006

You guess who is back again :D??

Not Carol, not me..
Yeah! María is coming for a few days! :D We are really happy to see you again on 22nd! Spanish party that day in Tio Pepe, so you will have to dance sevillanas :D and two days after.....Berlín!It will be a good trip with you! We love you.

See you soon!!


domingo, noviembre 12, 2006

Unfair / Injusto

It's unfair if we say that Benja and Maria were the only Fashion Victims in Nijmegen!!

Glasses and hats' Party... (We have to say that this picture was taken at 8.00 in the moorning) :)

miércoles, noviembre 08, 2006

Fashion Victims

what a memories !!

Maria from Murcia and Benja from Valencia, have been some erasmus' fashion victims

sábado, noviembre 04, 2006

Cocktail party June 06

Just a video about a "usual situation", recorded in June...

viernes, noviembre 03, 2006

Erasmus International Meeting in Nijmegen!

Who doesn't want to be in this great city again?

Who doesn't want to sleep all together in a small room again?

Who doesn't want to spend a great time with our erasmus family?

So... let's make a meeting in the Netherlands!! Like Sebas and Carlos were singing in Barcelona, "Nijmegen Paradise, Nijmegen Paradise, If u want to have fun, just come to the Netherlands"...

Erasmus addicts... don't leave that just as a propose, became it in truth!