jueves, noviembre 16, 2006

Barcelona Meeting Point!

Some Erasmus Addicts have been in Barcelona!
Who is the next one?
The Spanish team with a French Invasion!!
Mark, I'm sorry, but after 6 months living with Miriam you have losed your nationality, now you are almost Spanish, and don't complain about that,I know, we don't have Kilts (my favourite Scottish tradition!) but we were in the World Cup!!

Bom, Alex & Jaseon! Who were really lucky, they could try our mum's food!!

In the last visit we had two casanovas, the most famous in Nijmegen. The one from Pamplona, Sergio, and the turkish one, Selim...

And Jaimito, who is not only an Erasmus Addict, is also a Barcelona Addict...

(Jaime, ya tardas en volver... que ya sé yo que necesitas aires Catalanes!)

So, if you want to come, don't think twice, just give us a call!
(A walk in the beach is included in the plan, and if u don't mind we can avoid Sagrada Familia...)
Alba :)

2 comentarios:

Jaime dijo...

can i go tomorrow? :) there is a train from albacete at 3.30 in the morning... :p

Sebas dijo...

Barcelona a Topeeeeee!!