viernes, noviembre 03, 2006

Erasmus International Meeting in Nijmegen!

Who doesn't want to be in this great city again?

Who doesn't want to sleep all together in a small room again?

Who doesn't want to spend a great time with our erasmus family?

So... let's make a meeting in the Netherlands!! Like Sebas and Carlos were singing in Barcelona, "Nijmegen Paradise, Nijmegen Paradise, If u want to have fun, just come to the Netherlands"...

Erasmus addicts... don't leave that just as a propose, became it in truth!

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Anónimo dijo...

Niños!! Let's go!!!!!


Sebas dijo...

a topeeeeeeeeeeee

Anónimo dijo...

Para cuando sería?????????

Anónimo dijo...

lets do it erasmus addict! i just need to know when? kiss


Nijmegianos 05 - 06 dijo...
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Nijmegianos 05 - 06 dijo...

Ei People People!
If we are talking seriously we can do it in February, it's the cheapest month to travel!!

Let's do something to talk about days... Could you Sebas put something in the webside to vote for some dates?? Like a request... no?



Sebas dijo...

we could vote by comments, i vote the end of january during the winter introducction week, could be funny :D, kiss to everyone

Jaime dijo...

yeah, i also vote for the end of january, the tickets are quite cheap, and it's when i have accomodation there :D