martes, diciembre 12, 2006


As a month before happened in Lent ... the wonderful Italian Dinner took place 10th December 2006.

18 people ate in a flat, as in a real restaurant everything was possible thanks to the chefs : Alessia, Alessandro, Davide, Giacomo & Ivan

... and after a nice Xmas Dinner ... the best thing is a PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx guys for everything

By Marina

3 comentarios:

Sebas dijo...

cool!! how i miss it ...

Marina dijo...

it was amazing celebrate it with other people, really nice :D
que tal todo sebas?? ahh FELIZ NAVIDAD A TODO EL MUNDO!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Heyyy!!! what an italian boys... what a poty they weren't there in our semester!! ;)