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Albacete es Feria en septiembre

Something I found recently:

From 7th to 17th in September, Albacete witnesses a multi-coloured explosion of culture and enjoyment. The population has a five-fold growth during ten days, and people pour out onto the city streets. This is an annual event that, every year, becomes different, arousing the support of the whole region. Our fair is visited by people coming from every part of the country year after year, and later, when they go back home, spread the renown of Albacete, its hospitality, concord and expertise.

Even though the whole city is a fair, the Fair boasts its own precincts, and a passage. About 50,000 m2 are occupied by big tops, stands, stalls, the funfair… hundreds of associations have a space open to public. The precincts where our Fair takes place date back from 1783, being one of the oldest places aimed at trade in Spain. It has the typical architectural features from La Mancha mixed with the modernism of the beginning of this century, and it includes a vast passage, a human tide which never ebbs. Cultural, sportive and social events take place continuously: culinary tastings, book presentations, chess and international tennis championships, “tapas” tours, music festivals, international folklore, meetings of associations, cultural symposiums, firm expos, street markets, contests, exhibitions, etc. There are events for every moment, everybody and every age. The series of activities for everyone's preference and pleasure is immense.

The most important day takes place when the Fair facilities, are opened to public, and the patron saint, the Virgin of The Llanos, is carried from the City Hall to the precincts in an event which draw thousands of citizens and visitors. In spring 2006, Albacete commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the Coronation of its Virgin. The cultural activities started in March 2, with the concert offered by the Albacete Schola Cantorum and Orquesta Siglo XXI. In May, several exhibitions, symposium, and concerts performed by Albacete singers and groups were celebrated: Elisa Belmonte, Andrés Beltrán or Chinchilla's Old Chapel are some examples of these events. During the ten days of fair, the commemorative activities continued.

The whole city is a fair. Our Fair expands and the cultural, social and leisure machinery works faster and better, as can be noticed in public places such as the Caseta de los Jardinillos Garden, the Teatro-Circo and our bullring. You will find these places packed with people. The greatness of our Fair lies on the fact that everybody is welcome to the most important festival in Castilla-La Mancha, which becomes a whirlwind of receptiveness and joy shared by every man and woman in the city. The bullfighting season, so well-known and expected, welcomes Albacete's bullfighting fans and experts coming from everywhere.


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Anónimo dijo...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh la feriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh la feriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Oeeeeeeee oeeeeeee oeeeeeeeeee!!!
Alexcito saludos desde Albacete! XD

Alexcitement dijo...

No sabes como voy a echar de menos la feria tio.

Cuidaos e hinchaos a mojitos!!!!

oooohhhhh la feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeria!!!!!!!!

que cancion mas grande!!!!!!!!!!