miércoles, enero 17, 2007

GoodBye Party this 20th of January

Just a mail that i got

Parties Joints Weekend camp Sex Bushes
Inferno Corridor parties Lent Barbeques
Hangover Aldi Rain Bus Bikes Refter Bridge Mushrooms Doornroosje French fries Space cake Cultuur cafe Raincoats
Waal Albert Heijn Running dinners Drunk people
Accidents Flat tyres Wheels Rabobank Coffeeshops Colds
Be broke Bike falls Central Station Piecken NIJMEGEN
As you know, a lot of erasmus people are leaving at the end of this month. It's always difficult to be all together in the same party, we don't do it since O'Sheas... So, it would be great to organize a huge goodbye party and to cheer up this erasmus 2006 for the last time!!
So see u there!
Saturday 20th of January
Cafe Piecken (Hoogeveldt) from 22.30 til...
HAPPY HOUR FROM 22.30 TO 23.30 (1 € beer)
This time is essential: send this message to all your contacts!!

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