jueves, enero 18, 2007

Bye bye sun, hello bad weather

Brussels is nice, we have 90 km/h winds, it is raining a lot (this morning in Valencia it was sunny)

writting right now from a computer in a youth hostel's meeting room

it is great to hear people around me talking in english again :)

Tomorrow i'll start my routine here!!

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El Hidalgo Informatico dijo...

Be careful, my friend!

If your you put a nose in the lamppost, the lamppost will be your nose.

If you put it on cotton, the cotton will be your nose.

Your nose can bleed or can heal.

Be careful, my friend!

Sebas dijo...


Estre dijo...


Here it wasn't raining, but the day was strange, really, maybe something has changed, maybe this is the moment in that I see that everything arrives, that it takes less... I'll only give you an advance: be happy

La xunga dijo...

Let's have fun in Brussels!! :P We'll come soon!!