jueves, octubre 25, 2007

Interviewing / Entrevista a Young Lim

1. Name and Lastname / Nombre y Apellido : Young Lim, Yang

2.Home University / Universidad procedencia : Seoul National University, South Korea

3.One word about your experience? / ¿Una palabra sobre la experiencia?

Traveling around the world with passion and guts!

4. why have you been on eramus? / ¿Por que te fuiste de Erasmus? I wasn't in Erasmus program. I was in another program.

5. why Netherlands, why Nijmegen? / ¿Por que Holanda, y porque Nijmegen? I wanted to have a job experience in Europe to add up more value in my career path and be more competitive than anyone else. Luckily I got an internship offer from a logistics company in Nijmegen to manage my own project.

6. The best parties of the year? /¿La mejor/mejores fiestas del año?

Uff, I cannot remember the names. I just remember that everyone was on sale. Maybe the Auction Party?? :P

7. What is Lent for you?/ ¿Que es para ti Lent?

The first place I've been totally secluded from my culture. I had a very peaceful days with lots of various people around. Sometimes I also had very crazy experiences, but all was worthy for me. I got to know very good friends through this place and this place I stayed will always stay in my memory as a very important part of my life.

8. The best moment of your erasmus... / ¿El mejor momento de tu Erasmus?
I guess, it should be my job experience question here. The business trip to Helsinki was the best part of my job. I got to know another part of the world again through this experience. It was damn cold but I had a great experience by being in a huge logistics exhibition. I met Europeans through business opportunity and it increases my skill to deal professionally with people from different culture. It was worth than any classes you can take in a university.

9. what do you tell to the people who is thinking to go on erasmus? / ¿Que le dirias a la gente que esta pensando en ir de erasmus?

Do it!!! Be a dreamer when you still can. A book says, the whole world is actually trying to help you to achieve something that you really really want. Be ambitious and try to make the whole world as your home ground. Have the guts and good luck to you all!

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