viernes, febrero 23, 2007

The EU

The European Union...

Once you are inside this huge stuff, you realice that is nice to have a union between us , yes i have that sensation....

and you also get to know some information ... do you know that the price of "nachos" is raising a lot because of the use of corn for producing etanol-based fuels??

But this union also leads to interminable debates, even with the most foolish decisions, there's always someone who doesn't agree or understand. Soo... what these politicians do (apart from earning 6000 per month... fucking bastards :D) is talking, talking, talking...and talking.

But this is nice so far :),

No escribo en español pq no tengo tiempo y toy en la officeeee!!! que ya es viernes!!! el finde a tope hasta que aguante la maquinaria :D:D

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a tope weekend!!